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Star Beta is a diversified Proprietary Trading Firm trading in multiple asset classes such as Futures, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies. We also operate one of the largest Cryptocurrency Trading operations in the world.

We believe in the importance of thoroughly understanding the products and strategies traded and to be able to rationalise why our traders deserve to earn money by participating in those markets.

We also believe that all markets are constantly changing and that to survive we must not only adapt our strategies but embrace the technological advances that can give us an edge.

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Traders &

To be at the frontier of trading we need to find new talent and teach them to be successful traders as well as provide the best environment for experienced traders to reach their full potential.

Star Beta trainees are taught to establish their own style and to develop strategies which they continually improve and adapt to the changing market conditions.

The first stage in our selection process for Trainee Traders is to allow chosen applicants to demonstrate a level of natural ability and genuine motivation by taking part in our quarterly trading competition.

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