Trainee Application

We are looking for people with some level of natural trading ability and genuine motivation. Therefore the first stage of our interview process is to give you a small live trading account to trade with from home for one month. We will be monitoring your trading and offering those that are able to demonstrate profitability or rapid improvement an interview. All chosen trainees are then offered a position on our in house training program where you will be given full training and mentorship by experienced traders.

Is the online assessment a training course?

No, the online component is more like a job interview where we assess the potential of our applicants. Once a trainee is given a position within Star Beta full training is provided.

Do I have to pay to do the online assessment?

No, we cover the cost of all the charting and execution software needed to complete the online assessment.

Can I trade remotely?

All of our trainees must initially start working from our office as we feel we get the best out of each trader by building a personal relationship with them. Due to the 24 hour nature of our business, experienced traders are given remote access to be able to trade partly or fully from home.

Am I expected to trade discretionarily or automated?

We don’t mind whether you trade discretionarily or fully automated as we are more focused on the results.

If your automated algorithms are profitable and rely on low latency we can co-locate them via our trading infrastructure in place at the various exchanges.  We also have historical data that we can distribute to anyone looking to build an automated trading system.

Is this a paid job?

Remuneration is by way of a generous profit share from the trading profits.

Can I lose money doing this?

Rest assured that the only money you can lose is ours. We are a pure proprietary trading firm and cannot take deposits or allow any of our traders to be liable for any of their trading losses.

What can I trade?

All of our trainees start initially trading cryptocurrency futures.

Why cryptocurrency futures?

We believe that these are the easiest markets to learn on as they offer the potential to make many trades per day and are the fastest growing trading products at the moment.