Trading at its peak


Star Beta is a trading firm run by traders for traders.

Part of our business is to find new talent and to teach them to be successful traders, the other is to provide the best environment for experienced traders to reach their full potential.

We believe in the importance of thoroughly understanding the products and strategies we are trading and to be able to rationalise why we deserve to earn money by participating in those markets.

We also believe that all markets are constantly changing and that to survive we must not only adapt our strategies but embrace the technological advances that can give us an edge.

New Talent

At Star Beta we believe in nurturing young talent. The main difference between ourselves and other proprietary trading firms is that our training program is run by our founders who are successful traders themselves, not brokers or analysts. Our founders have trained many successful traders over the past 10 years and have a very clear framework of how they teach.

Trainees are taught to develop their own style within this framework and to develop strategies which they are continually improving and adapting to the changing market conditions. Our focus is on getting you profitable as quickly as possible. We do this by sharing our knowledge and helping you devise strategies that you completely understand and believe in from the beginning.



Experienced Talent

At Star Beta we believe that there is a big gap between being a good trader and being a great trader. Too many traders get comfortable with a steady income and never quite fulfil their full potential. With our founders’ vast trading experience and unparalleled success in training and mentoring traders we are positioned to help experienced traders get the most out of their trading career.

We know that trading is all about being in the right environment so we have made our offices as comfortable as possible. We know that it is common to trade for long periods of time and through the night, so our offices have 24 hour air conditioning and windows for fresh air. We also provide meals so that you don’t have to break your concentration looking for food.

We have the latest fibre technology to access the world’s exchanges in the fastest and most reliable way. We also embrace technology and use software that allows experienced traders to take advantage of co-location and algorithmic trading.

Since we are a firm owned and run by successful traders we know what traders need to maintain their edge. If you are interested in working with other traders who are at the apex of the industry feel free to get in contact with us.

The Team

Mark Zagora

Mark has been a professional trader for 20 years. He began his trading career in Sydney on the FX Market Making Desk at Westpac and then moved to London to work as a Proprietary Trader. Whilst trading in London he became involved in the mentoring and training of traders and upon his return to Sydney in 2007 he set up the training program at Propex. Mark was a Partner, Trader and Trainer at Propex for 8 years before leaving to start Star Beta in 2015. His time is split between his two passions of trading and mentoring traders.

Don Di Vincenzo

Don started his trading career in 2002 at one of the largest Proprietary Trading firms in London. There he successfully traded a wide range of European bond and equity index futures which provided a solid foundation for his future trading career. He returned back to Australia in 2007 and joined Propex as a trader where he gained further exposure to ASX24 products as well as a host of Asian equity indices such as the Hang Seng, Nikkei and MSCI Taiwan. In 2012 Don took up the full time role as Head of Trader Development at Propex where his success rate in training new traders was undoubtedly the best in the industry.